Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi

Avadhuta Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi O enlightened one, I have been a yogi Avayna Jay Mitaina Kabahun, Sabad Anahat Bhogi In age after age, I neither come nor go, I cannot be obliterated, I revel in the primordial sound. Subhi Thor Jamat Humri, Sub Hi Thor Pur Mela Everywhere around me, I see only community, Everywhere, only carnival, Hum Sub May, Sub Hai Hum May, Hum Hai Bahuri Akela I am in all, all are in me, I am utterly alone. Hum Hi Sidh, Samadhi Hum Hi, Hum Mauni Hum Bole I am the mystic, I the illumination I am the wordless, I the speaker Rup Swarup Arup Dikhake, Hum Hi Mein Hum Toh Khelen I don human form, divine form, Sometimes I sport the formless, There is none but I Frolicking within myself. Kahe Kabira Jo, Suno Bhai Sadho, Nahi Na Koi Icha Kabir says, O wanderer, All desire gone, Apni Madhi Mein Aap Mein Dolu, Kheloon Sahaj Swa-Icha I dance within my own hut Spontaneous reveler Stirred only by the winds Of my own freedom.

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