Scooter vs Cross fire

He won crossfire i own scooter.

He dont like scooter , i like cross fire.

I can be him he cannot be me he dont realize, i dont hate people but he judge by bikes. I have scooter because i need that to save my time and to carry food of my business to sale he dont know, he dont know that i have bank balance to buy an crossfire or cars in my a/c , he carry 1000 in pocket and explain ” why crossfire is best? ” to me

He is Ram daiko xoro,Ram dai is who owe me 25,000 for interest to pay in his bank past month. Because its hard for him. But his son shows me attitude 🤣 explaining me about his bike.

It doesn’t matter if he travel 5 min faster than me if he sleeps 5 hr more than me. Who will tell him when will he realizes.

I dont care about that but but i smiles. when u will realize why i smile . If u realize please dont feel bad u were child my boy. Grow up as soon as possible 😜 your father’s have lots of problem to solve than caring whats other ride .

Nothing matters let it be.🤣🤣🤣

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