Eight limbs of yoga

1.yama – the five social ethiccs

  • Ahimsa- Non violence in action speech and thought
  • Satyam- truthfulness in intention remaining established in the higher truth.
  • Asteya – non-stealing
  • Brahmacharya – Divine conduct, celibate when single faithful when married.
  • Aparigraha- not accumulating things unnecessarily and not desiring things that belong to others.

2. Niyamas – The five personal ethics

  • Shaucha- cleanliness of the body and mind
  • Santosha- contentment remaining happy
  • Tapas- Austerity and self-discipline
  • Swadhaya- Study of the self abiding in the self
  • Ishwarapranidhana- Surrendering to god, honouring the divine.

3. Asanas – yoga postures

4. Pranayamas – proper regulations of life force (prana) through certain breathing techniques.

5.Pratayahara- Taking the senses inwords.

6.Dharana- One-pointed focus.

7.Samadhi – The highest state of consciousness. This is possible to achieve during meditation.

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