Everything is Fake

Everyones mind is different, everyone’s choice is different two people cannot be same. No one find the perfect one only compromise bring them together.

When there is compromise in between love there is existence of ego and selfishness. When the one selfishness hits you you will leave attached with that selfishness and forget everything you got. Then you leave that person for that selfishness.

When u realize if it its too late its over then only missing and memory of togetherness remain. Realize the love , sacrifice something for him/her in conscious mind. And let love bloom 🌼. Dont try to be congested.

If u try to fufill your ego attitude and selfishness it hits you one day. And make you fall for something thats valuable now that you will realize later. Because everything is fake.

Scooter vs Cross fire

He won crossfire i own scooter.

He dont like scooter , i like cross fire.

I can be him he cannot be me he dont realize, i dont hate people but he judge by bikes. I have scooter because i need that to save my time and to carry food of my business to sale he dont know, he dont know that i have bank balance to buy an crossfire or cars in my a/c , he carry 1000 in pocket and explain ” why crossfire is best? ” to me

He is Ram daiko xoro,Ram dai is who owe me 25,000 for interest to pay in his bank past month. Because its hard for him. But his son shows me attitude 🤣 explaining me about his bike.

It doesn’t matter if he travel 5 min faster than me if he sleeps 5 hr more than me. Who will tell him when will he realizes.

I dont care about that but but i smiles. when u will realize why i smile . If u realize please dont feel bad u were child my boy. Grow up as soon as possible 😜 your father’s have lots of problem to solve than caring whats other ride .

Nothing matters let it be.🤣🤣🤣

Jail and Tension

People outside the hospital and police station are the people i see most Tension. If anybody can make them happy its the best thing to control the feelings of people over there. Feelings that have pain them. There is problem who gonna spend life on those silly thing. Because we all are busy on our own work who else have time to think of others

Hospital people thinks whats next how he spend life next,

in furnel people’s realize i cannot die like him no thing matters in life what i am doing is all bull shit. I dont want wanna die. But it happens. To all the shit people.

The day you realize everything can happen to me that day you become yogi. You choose the path i say. You will choose the path where you can make happy 😁 to others matter to you

Nothing 😅😅

I am crazy