Stay Groundness

The cult of success has taken over the world in recent years. People prioritize achieving ultimate fulfillment, which translates into multiple assets, properties, and respected status. Whoever reaches those is considered a person of success and must be praised and followed as a role model. However, the world isn’t just black and white, so what happens to those whose definition of success looks quite different from this?Sadly, such people are considered rebels, lazy, or average by society. Yet, in a world of materialistic expectations and the iconization of a few, what happens to all of us who want to live a simple, connected, happy life?

Nevertheless, the increase in the volume of work and the continuously rising expectations of society have pushed people to live a mundane life and suffer from burnout. It also takes away the quality of your life and your ability to enjoy it.

  • Ground yourself in the areas of your life that speak to you the most and avoid becoming a heroic individualist.
  • Embrace the community around you to ground yourself even more.
  • To reach a state of fulfillment, you have to sync your body and mind.